I need someone who knows about flashing, bootloader unlocking and related topics for this problem:

My Xperia Z1 doesn't take photos when the app tries to focus. With no focus enabled it goes perfectly.


  • I've read that unlocking bootloader in this phone model could make the camera useless, but when I try to see the unlocking status I get this: Rooting Status: Unknown. So I don't know if it's been unlocked or not (I bought it used at eBay).

  • I've tried disabling stamina mode and flashing firmware again (5.0.2 and then autoupdated to 5.1.1) but stills the same.


  • Does somebody know the exact solution to my problem?

  • If not, could it be related to camera software (I mean, the hardware's internal software, not the app)?

  • Could it be related to Android version? Maybe downgrading would solve it?

  • At least, how could I know which is my bootloader status?

  • Any other help you think that could help

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