I just bought my phone here in China and have changed the language settings to English. I get all my alerts, error messages, ets. in Chinese characters. Wish I could read them, but since I can't, how do I make my phone communicate to me in English? I am a total Android newbie having dumped my iPhone and it's lackluster battery for this phone. As soon as I tweak it a bit, I'll be thrilled. By the way, pretend I am in kindergarten when explaining what to do, otherwise I'll have to ask my son to help and I really don't want to give him more tech power over me than he already has.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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    If you've changed the language settings to English and still see Chinese characters in the stock apps, i'd be worried about the authenticity of the phone... – onik Sep 26 '11 at 13:40

You could get a US/UK Firmware from samfirmwarec.com and flash it with heimdall / odin. But you will lose your warranty and I can not guarantee that it will work (it could even leave your phone in an unusable state). Flashing can be done with three easy steps:

  1. get your phone in download mode
  2. connect it with usb
  3. configure heimdall/odin and start the process

There are some other things that you need to be aware off, but everything is documented in the links I included. Maybe you son will also help you. :)


Can you once try Menu-> Settings -> Language & Keyboard. The first entry is "Select language". English is third in the list in my phone.


You can change to English: Go to Settings , then select language.

I bought mine in Beijing and I only use English.

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