My mom's phone has stopped receiving mail because apparently, there isn't enough free space.

Is it possible to configure the Gmail app to auto-delete mail older that a month from the phone but not from the server?

  • Is the device rooted? Also, this seems related to XY problem.
    – Firelord
    Feb 29 '16 at 16:34
  • @Firelord it's NOT rooted. What XY problem?
    – undo
    Mar 1 '16 at 11:08

This can be done by setting the "Days of mail to sync" in the gmail app's setting. This setting is configurable per account.

Source: Choose how many days of mail to sync

  • "Days of mail to sync" only available for Gmail accounts and not for (for example) Outlook accounts
    – Ron Kalian
    Mar 7 '20 at 9:39

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