I just installed CatLog on my Alcatel onetouch pop c2 and I saw there is many weird errors.

Error: StaticLayout: length=52; index=53.

I don't know what is that but I got many of them.

Anyone know how to fix it?

OS: Android 4.2.2 JellyBean (build 01002) (Model number 4032D)
RAM: 512MB
Kernel version: 3.4.5

Screenshot (click to enlarge)

  • Are you observing a perceivable issue on your device or have you asked this out of curiosity? – Firelord Mar 1 '16 at 5:01
  • @Firelord curiosity, and i cant see other errors (messages) – NiKoLaPrO Mar 1 '16 at 6:16
  • Is your device rooted? If not, you should ask the CatLog author. Reason: With Android 4.2+ apps only get to see their own logcat messages (to see other apps' messages requires root then), so these errors must be caused by the app itself. – Izzy Mar 1 '16 at 7:51
  • 1
    Seems a similar issue with this on SO... the length=52; index=53 is really a hint of ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException , but not sure why it's shown as StaticLayout. Related issue #35412 on AOSP – Andrew T. Mar 1 '16 at 8:57
  • @Izzy its rooted – NiKoLaPrO Mar 1 '16 at 13:44

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