Mozilla Location Service (MLS) can derive a location from cell towers and wi-fi networks in the vicinity, just like Google's network location service.

But how can I configure my Android system so that it provides MLS to apps just like the Google network location service is provided now?


The MLS wiki has a list of community-provided Android software that utilizes MLS. There, you find a link to Ichnaea NLP Backend.

And that is exactly the piece of software you are looking for. Because it is an implementation of Unified NLP, the de-facto standard of non-Google network location provider services employed in Custom ROMs. See its README for installation of Unified NLP and a backend, in your case Ichnaea NLP.

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    Thanks for the tip. This is also available on F-Droid as MozillaNLPBackend. Jan 31 '21 at 10:22

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