I've been experiencing a problem with the 'Play Games' app from Google on my tablet.

When I go to my profile, I see a message showing me

Your Game Profile is hidden
Touch to change this setting


In order to make it public, I touch the option, and press the Make Public button. Then, I see a popup saying that my profile is being updated and then a toast appears telling that my profile has been updated.

However, when I go back and re-visit my profile, the message still persists meaning that my profile is still hidden.

Also, my friend told me that he can't see me in his 'Players' list even though he follows me on Google+. This means that my profile is not public.

So, How do I make my profile public?

My tablet is running Android Kitkat 4.4.2 and has all the apps (Including Google Play Games) updated.

  • My Google Play App is now the latest version and now I'm not facing this problem. – Spikatrix Jul 29 '16 at 14:29

I found this on a forum, from a Google Expert... Summarizing the choices you have:

  1. Start your device in safe mode without running any app you installed and see if the problem persists - if it is solved, probably one of the apps is causing the issue, and you just need to uninstall it...

  2. Reset your device by visiting Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset and then check if the problems persist. Make sure to back up any data before executing this suggestion.

  3. Finally, if nothing solved, you should contact the Google Play team for help. You can reach them from this link and, alternatively, you can phone than from this link.

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