It seems that Line (a messaging app like WhatsApp) is one that I cannot easily restore app data (messages) through Titanium Backup.

There is a whole thread on XDA, highlighting one post:


  1. Restore Line with Titanium Backup (app+data) (DON'T OPEN THE LINE APP YET!)

  2. Log into a root shell and delete the previous settings:

    sqlite3 /data/data/jp.naver.line.android/databases/naver_line
    delete from setting;
  3. [...]

It looks quite difficult and I am not even sure it's correct.

Can anyone confirm before I try? Also, what is a root shell? Is that some form of an app?


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Log into a root shell

It's a mix up of multiple things. It simply means, login into a shell and then switch to root user or alternatively, directly login as the root user. For Android, you can login from a remote shell using adb shell command. It automatically logins as user 2000. Alternatively, use a terminal emulator app and it would automatically login using its own UID. In both the cases, don't bother about the term "log in".

Switch to root user using su.

sqlite3 /data/data/jp.naver.line.android/databases/naver_line

sqlite3 is a command-line tool to interface with SQLite databases. Stock Android doesn't come with it.

That command does nothing more than attaching the database naver_line located under /data/data/jp.naver.line.android/databases/ to sqlite3 so that latter can do its work on it.

delete from setting;

I don't have that app or its backup but the command indicates that there is a table named setting in the said database. That command would delete all the data available in that table.


It would disconnect the database and exit from the sqlite3 tool.

I don't know whether those commands would achieve anything or not, so take this solution as a partial answer only.

  • What is CM? And stock android doesn't have command sqlite3. So how can I do it?
    – user4951
    Mar 12, 2016 at 7:55
  • I don't know. You should ask the user who wrote that post. I posted this answer to translate those commands for you. :)
    – Firelord
    Mar 12, 2016 at 7:58

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