At some point during the past 2 months the drag-down default voicemail number on my Droid X inexplicably changed from *86 to *74274 - a number that returns the pre-recorded message: "Your feature update could not be completed."

How do I change the default voicemail number back to *86?

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Try Settings->Call Settings->Voicemail. On my Fascinate this pops up with a dialog box where I can enter a new voicemail number immediately. On my EVO (CyanogenMod) I have to go into Settings->Call Settings->Voicemail Settings->Voicemail Number to get the same box, so it's very similar but does take an extra step.

  • Heh, I always made voicemail a contact, but that's a holdover from having a FreeRunner :)
    – Broam
    Sep 28, 2011 at 22:11

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