I selected Sony Z1, HTC E9+ and Redmi Note2 for Cardboard App performance test. Before this test, I supposed the Cardboard App could get the good performance on HTC E9+ (it has a high score on Performance Benchmark). As below test result, HTC E9+ had the worst result of this test!!!!

enter image description here

Does anyone have suggestion for this test result?

What's the major factor for the Cardboard App Performance?

Test App Description:

Mojing:(Chinese VR App) http://mj.mojing.cn/

VideoTheater: This App is implemented by myself.

SimpleVideo Player(a Unity App): Create a simple VR secne and play a video inside it

VerySimple VR App (a Unity App): Same as "SimpleVideo Player" but remove the video player

Cardboard Example App@Unity: Download from Cardboard Developer Web.

Cardboard Example App@Android: Download from Cardboard Developer Web.

Thanks, Tony

  • Newer phone = better performance (with a specific application)? I'd like to watch a drag race between 2012 Honda Jazz and 1967 Ford Mustang. – SarpSTA Mar 10 '16 at 13:18
  • Ford Mustang is a cool car~~ OK, I understand your point. I need to correct the wording >"<. I supposed HTC E9+ should get the better test result because it has a high score on the "Performance Benchmark". blog.gsmarena.com/htc-e9-performance-benchmarks – Tony Ho Mar 10 '16 at 13:53
  • I understand how you think and it is a fallacy called ceteris paribus which means all else is same, but it is not! The difference between phones that can affect the results of your test varies from screen resolution to Android version, to chipset, etc. There are a lot. For example, if the phone's screen resolution was halved, it would run with much much better FPS since GPU would have half the work it did before. – SarpSTA Mar 10 '16 at 14:49

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