I bought an Asus EEE Transformer (Model TF700T) back when they were cool and it's always been super slow. I used to think it was because they loaded up the OS with all of the proprietary things that manufacturers like to put on there, but even when I replaced the OS with the cyanogendmod (Android version 4.3.1, Cyanogen Mod version 10.2.1-tf700t), it's still SUPER slow for even the simplest task.

For example, I swiped the screen to unlock and it sometimes takes a full 5 seconds to get to the home screen. This is with no apps running, full battery, no extra load on the device at all.

When I bought the device, all the specs and reviews said it was a smooth operator and that I should expect a good experience with it. Now I know marketing hypes things up a bit, but this thing is a total lazy dog.

Particular things tend to be smooth - for example, opening the application launcher panel is usually quite quick and smooth. But pressing the "home" button to return to the main screen from an app, or even just the "back" button leads to frustratingly long delays that sometimes cause me to just stop using the tablet.

So my questions is twofold:

1) Has anyone else had this experience? Is the Asus EEE just a bad product that I got duped into purchasing?

2) How can I troubleshoot the problem to improve performance?

  • Begin by changing the window/transition/animator scale in developer options and see if it improves the situation. Can you try with a different CM build or altogether, a different ROM and see if the issue persist? Try all of this with external SD card removed (if the device supports it of course). – Firelord Mar 12 '16 at 8:18
  • The speed is the same with the stock ROM that came with the tablet as with the CM mod. So the problem persists even across ROMs. I just turned off the settings you suggested, I'll report back if that solves the problem or not. My device has no external SD card as far as I can tell. – rothloup Mar 12 '16 at 23:48

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