Situation: Old phone broke, got a new phone. Used new phone for a week and accumulated a fair amount of SMS (on a fresh new phone)

Decided to finally restore from previous phone backup that was a month old. Restoring from backup wiped all the new SMS I have made.

Luckily I have made a backup of the New SMS before they were wiped by the old backup.

But now I want to import the new SMS (located in the new backup) into my phone without wiping the old SMS.

How can I do so?

I used MyBackup Pro to do the backup/restore. It does not seem to have an option of "Merge" ...

  • Have you seen this? I'm not sure if that suggestion requires manual editing or not. If you redid those backups with Titanium Backup then this would be an option. – Matthew Read Mar 12 '16 at 21:51

I was able to use this answer and an SQL Manager I downloaded from the Internet.

Essentially, using my mad SQL skills, I browsed into sms table, did an UPDATE on _id field as per table structure of rerware Backup Pro to avoid primary key collisions, then did the merges per the linked answer. I later uploaded the database back into my phone.

I'm doing a restore now. If I don't come back complaining, it means it worked!

yep it worked. I think I missed some SMS from a single person, but that was not related to the above machinations.

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