My device is SHV-E160K

I kept deleting xbin and bin several times. It keeps on restoring and cannot delete file though I've already |remove root permission on king user|

How can I delete it? I cannot play the game that doesn't required root.

I cannot factory reset too because my upper volume button is broken 😭😭😭

Help Please!!

  • You don't need a volume button to Factory Reset, it's an option in Settings. You can also get to Recovery via adb reboot recovery and not needing a button combo. Factory reset also doesn't unroot, however, and deleting the bin folder is a good way to make your ROM unusable. – Matthew Read Mar 13 '16 at 20:41

Are you rooted with SuperSU? If so, just go into the SuperSU app and select Full Unroot from settings. If that isn't the case, you could try Universal Unroot as well.

You can likely keep root and play your game as well, with Xposed Framework and a module like RootCloak or without Xposed you can try using RootCloak Plus but non-Xposed methods of hiding root sometimes have a lower success rate.

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