In Settings > Display and wallpaper, there is an option for Screen Mode with options for:

  1. Adaptive Display
  2. AMOLED cinema
  3. AMOLED photo
  4. Basic

I set mine to Basic but regardless of this setting, when I launch games, it appears to switch to Adaptive Display. Is there a way to disable this? I'm not a fan of over-saturated colors and would like the display to remain in Basic mode when in games and media applications.

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I swear this was the first thing I tried but my 2nd attempt seemed to fix it. Simply change the display option. Save it. Then change it back.

Settings > Display and wallpaper > Screen mode

A few things I also did while messing with it that might have had an impact:

  1. turned Game Launcher app off an on
  2. installed Google's Play Games app which seemed to force some other updates
  3. rebooted the phone

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