I try to login to Google Play Games (version 3.6.27), but it still asks me for a Google Plus account. According to this answer: Google Play Games without Google Plus, no Google+ account should be required anymore.

Why is it asking for that account then? What further info now should I be knowing about the new gamer ID login, instead of a Google+ login?

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  • Quick question: are you currently logged in one of your Google (not G+) accounts? – Death Mask Salesman Mar 16 '16 at 14:48
  • Yes I am logged into my Google account for GMail, but I do not have a Google+ account for that Google account. – Marnix Mar 16 '16 at 14:54
  • From a theoretical point of view, I think that the Play Games app demands you to have a G+ account, in order for Google to perform its "anonymous" data aggregations and analytics. Still, I've no proof. – Death Mask Salesman Mar 16 '16 at 18:39

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