Some time ago i had problem with my Samsung S3 LTE, namely, after some time the phone started to flash screen, lose signal and finally crash. The problem lasted about 2 months but I belittled it and just got used to it.
Unfortunately after all that time my phone could not boot after such crash. I went back home and tried to solve the problem as always - charge the phone, but this time the phone was not charging, it was only displaying grey battery with a thunder in it.
I checked my battery and saw a bulge so i replaced the battery with a new one but the problem persists. I tried odin but had the "can't open the serial(com) port" error.
If I try to turn the phone on, it gets stuck on the Samsung logo.


Another way of charging Samsung Galaxy S3 if it has broken micro usb charging port is to connect directly to the terminals inside the case. This will only work with a wall charger, and you'll need some electronics know-how to do it. This video shows how.

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