On my current phone (HTC Wildfire S), with a AOSPA (Paranoid Android) 4.45 ROM, I installed Trebuchet, because Launcher3 lacks features, and other customs lauchers takes a lot of battery, while my current battery is already going down fast.

Here you can see a screenshot of what it looks like:
The background is black.

But it isn't supposed to be black:

How can I show correctly my background?

Edit: Sometimes it show correctly on the bottom:

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The APK I used was for the OnePlus One and had a MD5 of 2fd1a3e8f5a6ef44d1f14752b4caa5c9.
I installed another APK, coming from this ROM, and everything fixed itself (the MD5 was different: 3f465ccbfe8566479f863582671575c2)


The two APK had the same version number (1.0) and OnePlus One's was 1.97 MB while the working one was 1.9 MB o_0


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