How can I prevent a periodic wifi disconnection from my android galaxy s tablet to my Panasonic hc-x920 video camera?


I have a Panasonic hc-x920 video camera which has wifi capabilities. It will broadcast a wifi network that allows a single user to log in. It uses wpa2 security and is accessed like any other wifi network.

Panasonic provides an app built for android or iOS that is installed into a mobile device. You then connect the mobile device to the cameras wifi hotspot and then when you open the app you have a live view of the camera and you can remotely control the camera.


When using my iPhone 5s the setup works great. I get clean HD video stream with not much latency and no disconnects

However when I use my android Galaxy s tablet it seems to disconnect periodically every minute or so, and then it regains connection after 5-8 seconds and streams along until the next disconnect.

Additional details:

I was not in a wifi clogged area

I was always within 5ft of the camera (the wifi emitter) so I am sure the signal is strong

Tablet is running android 4.4.2

iPhone is latest iOS

I verified this issue is happening on two separate Galaxy s3 tablets on two separate Panasonic hc-x920's. All four camera and tablet combinations experienced this issue. Granted, they are all also setup the same, so it was good to see that it's a reliably reproducible problem.

Ideas I had:

Could it be a 5ghz vs 2.4ghz wifi issue? If so how could I troubleshoot that?

Is there some random android setting that could be causing this? I'm guessing something is interrupting the wifi data pipe and when it's done doing whatever it needs to do that's when the connection is able to be regained.

Perhaps this is a bug on panasonics android app? Would there be any way to prove this using network analysis or software analysis?

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