I have Nexus 6P and I'm on Android Beta Program for Android N Developer Preview. From its program overview, it's stated that there will be 6 stages:

  1. Preview 1 (initial release, alpha)
  2. Preview 2 (incremental update, beta)
  3. Preview 3 (incremental update, beta)
  4. Preview 4 (final APIs and official SDK, Play publishing)
  5. Preview 5 (near-final system images for final testing)
  6. Final release to AOSP and ecosystem

How do I know which Android N preview stage I have?


Android provides release notes for Android N Developer Preview on here (as of current writing):

  1. Developer Preview 1
    Date: March 2016
    Builds: NPC56P, NPC56R, updated: NPC56W, NPC56X

  2. Developer Preview 2
    Date: April 2016
    Builds: NPC91K, NPC91O

  3. Developer Preview 3
    Date: May 2016
    Builds: NPD35K

  4. Developer Preview 4
    Date: June 2016
    Builds: NPD56N

  5. Developer Preview 5
    Date: July 2016
    Builds: NPD90G

You can compare your build number with the available release notes by going to Settings - About phone - Build number.

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    I thought I got Developer Preview 2 this morning and wanted to verify. But the build number is NPC56W, so that means I have Developer Preview 1 but updated. Thanks.
    – Ramsharan
    Mar 23 '16 at 4:36

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