I'm using many apps that store their files locally, and they're taking too much space, I can sync their files to dropbox and delete them manually from my phone but I'm asking if I could do it automatically, two exemples :

A voice recorder that store records in /sdcard/records

A call recorder doing the same thing in /sdcards/calls

The question is how can I automatically upload a folder's content to dropbox and delete this content from my android device on certain times ?

  • For uploading a file to dropbox, there seems to be many examples available on web (this one is for tasker). Same goes for automatic deletion of a file. I also have an answer for the latter. Try few things, then let us know the result.
    – Firelord
    Commented Mar 23, 2016 at 14:16

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There are apps like FolderSync, which do exactly what you want for multiple cloud storage providers.

Basically, you configure a folderpair to upload to Dropbox and delete the source files after syncing (see image).

folder pair configuration

Click image for larger version

I'm not sure if this is a premium-only feature (I bought the pro version), but I feel like this should be in the free version as well.


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