Ive been using this MotoG for 2 years now. Recently, all the Apps started to Crash on opening and on Restarting the Phone it would always show the "Optimizing xx Apps of xx" .I then did a factory reset through Settings.

The App crashing problem still persisted after i installed Snapchat,Facebook,WhatsApp. SO i fastbooted the phone and Wiped Cache & Did a factory reset . After rebooting now, it is stuck on the Blue "M" Screen and would restart to the same if i held the Power Button for 7-10 Seconds.

Please Help.

PS: No Rooting Performed. Phone not under Warranty. Unlock Code:0.

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So i figured out that the phone was locked and nothing else! Got the unlock code from the Motorola website (Which wasn't working earlier) and unlocked the phone via mfastboot , then reloaded the stock firmware and the phone is good as new! Unlock Code:3

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