The Bluestacks folder is now 5GB large and is taking up too much space in my C:\ drive, so I decided to move it to my D:\ drive. But, when I do that, Bluestacks says the software is corrupt and I need to redownload Bluestacks from their website.

What can I do to change the location of Bluestacks?


You should use a directory junction.

  1. Close Bluestacks

  2. Move C:\Program Files\Bluestacks to D:\Bluestacks (for example)

  3. Open a Command Prompt

  4. Run mklink /D /J C:\Progra~1\Bluestacks D:\Bluestacks

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  • My big files were in C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks so you'd have to change the command to the exact path or it uses the program files directory. mklink /D /J C:\ProgramData\Bluestacks D:\Bluestacks – Andrew May 6 at 18:44

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