I am a proud owner of Motorola Defy. A few months ago I upgraded my defy from 2.1 to 2.2. Although it had new features it became a bit laggy and so finally I decided to root my defy and install MIUI Gingerbread.

I was using MIUI Gingerbread all this time and suddenly it started itching me and a thought came to my mind that I want to experience Motoblur again.

I had already created an image of my Motoblur Froyo before installing MIUI Gingerbread. So I went ahead and reverted the Froyo image back on my defy.

But then some of the things stopped working: e.g. Camera is not working now.

I found that the Foryo image did not copy the Motoblur Froyo Kernel and when I reverted back my defy is still having the MIUI kernel.

Can someone help me getting back to Motoblur Froyo or can I download the original kernel and re-install it back to my defy?

Anything would help....


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There is this tool called RSD Lite, which is (AFAIK) an internal tool from motorola to flash their phones. You should be able to find it around the googles.

And here you should be able to pick up a stock firmware for the Defy.

This method worked for my Moto Cliq XT, but don't let this be a guarantee for your Defy!

  • thanks a lot buddy...i will try and will let you know if it works..thanks again Oct 4, 2011 at 8:03

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