Ok so guys I'm getting kinda irritated by this problem. It is telling me Unfortunately, <process> has stopped. Meaning, when I go to launcher, it says Unfortunately, Launcher has stopped; to Google, Unfortunately, Google has stopped; and so on. How in the world do I fix this? I can't go on the launcher or settings or anything.

I wiped cache but no luck. What should I do? Maybe Restore User Data?

  • I have wiped the factory/reset data. Now i will have to see to what it does.. – amanuel2 Mar 27 '16 at 2:17
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    Wiping the data should probably do it, but you might need to re-flash the ROM. – Matthew Read Mar 27 '16 at 2:17

Factory reset will resolve this issue! To get to that option though you have to be in recovery mode. To boot to recovery mode press the power button and volume up button simultaneously! And then you will get this screen:

Boot Mode

Then just reset to factory version and it should work!

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You should wipe data, system, etc but not internal storage. Then you should reinstall your ROM. You may want to back the data up via titanium backup or another tool. I wouldn't recommend a nandroid backup.

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