I am using Cyanogenmod 13 (based on Android 6) and an external 64GB sd card. When starting Cyanogenmod the first time I selected to format this sd card as an internal storage (Note that in my case the sd card should not be encrypted as I did not enabled device encryption). Now I want to transfer a big file to my PC. (See: File transfer of large file to PC fails why other file transfer methods did not worked)

So I put the sd card into the sd card slot of my PC, but I noticed that the file system is not recognized. This is what GParted shows:

I can read the FAT32 part, but this is not the part Android uses. So how I can access this part? What file system does it use?


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From what I now today, I think the unfortunate problem is: Even without disk encryption Android always encrypts the "internally/adopted storage mounted" sd card.

As such you need to decrypt that. The file system used "afterwards" (i.e. inside of the encrypted "container") is, AFAIK, just ext4 or so. Basically a simple file system you can access with Linux.

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