Today I installed Cyanogenmod CM13 and Gapps on my Asus Zenfone 2. The install went fine, but when I booted my phone, I selected the language, then when it went to look for updates, a system message appeared "Google Play services has stopped". This has caused the phone to hang at the update page, and to top it off I forgot to install TWRP, so I think I'm going to have an issue installing a fresh install.

What can I do now?


What happened You don't have TWRP, so your phone is bricked.1

How can I unbrick it? Look at this website.

The website tells you

The latter in short requires you to:

1: for installing TWRP, see e.g. How to Install TWRP Recovery on Zenfone 2 and Root at Androiding.how. Before that, install the stock ROM and wipe cache+data (from recovery; a should do the wipe as well).
2: not needed on Linux/Mac; for those OSes, see e.g. Configuring ADB on Ubuntu


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