When I close the flip cover or the screen saver goes on (screen goes black) some applications often either stop working, work irregularly or not at all. These include

  1. ES File Explorer (ftp/cloud)
  2. Canon Camera Window
  3. Video recording (I think it was stock app Camera)

Of course I could experiment with turning off the screen saver and leaving the cover open. But I would prefer a more thorough solution. Once I wasn't able to rig up the phone for a video shoot, due to this problem.

For some reason it is also very irregular. When connection is good ES File Explorer has no problem with or without screen saver on. But with a slightly slower connection, FTP and cloud copy breaks after every 3-4 files about. But with cover open also slower connection works ok. I've already checked the "WiFi policy", and it's set to "Always on" – so that's not the factor here.

Galaxy Note 3, Android 5.0



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