I have recently been having problems on my device which includes random apps appearing on my phone and some chinese app that somehow was "pre-installed". As i scoured the internet for answers, i learnt that my phone had contacted a virus called gunpowder virus that attacks from Nintendo emulators. Can factory reset resolve my problem?


As long as the infected app wasn't able to gain root and/or infect the /system partition, a factory reset will fix it.

However, if it was ... it would require re-flashing the ROM.

  • Or gaining root, so OP could manually delete the app on /system without having to mess up things too much. – Death Mask Salesman Apr 2 '16 at 14:33

If your device doesn't have the virus and you still want to remove the pre-built chinese apps, You can use a program called MTK Droid Tools..

It was designed for mtk handsets but the Chinese software removal tool only uses adb and root access to remove chinese ime etc...

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