I have recently purchased a Samsung galaxy s4 off of eBay but when it arrived it did not have any indication of what network it belonged to, every time I have gone on websites and typed in the coding to get the iem number it just says it does not belong to any network at the moment where do i find out what network my phone belongs to? thank you

  • I assume that you've tried it with your SIM and confirmed that it is carrier-locked? Try going to Settings -> About and add the specific model number and build number to this post. – Matthew Read Apr 4 '16 at 22:54

try a Samsung Galaxy S4 code:

  • *#7465625# View Phone Lock Status
  • *7465625*638*# Configure Network Lock MCC/MNC
  • *7465625*782*# Configure Network Lock NSP
  • #7465625*638*# Insert Network Lock Keycode

Have fun!

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