I wanted to change the country of my Google Play from Philippines to US. Which you can find in a similar post here.

  • I've tried changing my "Home address" in the settings section of my Google Wallet
  • Tried removing my Google account on my smartphone and putting it back
  • Uninstall updates and cleared the data of my smartphone's Google Play
  • I also tried using VPN

And still, none of it works.

I can't fill the "Payment Method" because I don't have a US Visa or US Credit Card.

Will it work if I load a USD Google Gift Card? Will it change the apps to be displayed on my Google Play? I wanted to ask here first before I buy myself a USD Google Play Gift Card to make sure.

I wanted to do this because there are apps that I wanted to download which are only available in the US.

EDIT: I just loaded $10 (USD) to my Google Wallet account. Cleared the data of my Google Play. But the applications I wanted to download are still not available. Looks like the only solution is to fake your location and use a VPN (which did not work for me, instead, my phone becomes vulnerable to a malware which drains the battery of my phone when it is on idle).

  • A gift card should work. – Aaron Gillion Apr 5 '16 at 1:16
  • @AaronGillion I just loaded $10 to my Google Wallet. But the apps I wanted are still not available. – Logan Wayne Apr 9 '16 at 14:47

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