Hello everyone I used to have kingroot installed on my device and for some reason I thought it will be better to have super su so I downloaded super su-me and as promised it did remove king root and installed super su but after that I found the available storage for my device going from 1.2 GB to 18mb and I found that space was used in system as I found that the space used for system files increased from 3.3 to 5 GB so what happened and how I can undo this and. Any solution will be appreciated

Things I have tried: 1-Factory reset(it removed super su and king root so I installed king root again and space of system remain bigger)

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Did you completely wipe everything with TWRP yet?

Also, what type of phone do you have?

I suggest XDA for all of your questions, sounds like you may not have discovered it yet, since you are using Kingo Root.

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