I installed Philz Touch 6.59.0 (ClockworkMod in my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7" Wifi (SM-T230) and modified the /system/bin/lpm (also called playlpm in other devices) to reboot the device as soon as it is plugged.

The modification of the lpm file works great when I don't have Philz Touch 6.59.0 installed on the device. Every time the device is off and I plugged it to the charger, it starts Android just fine.

The problem comes when I install Philz Touch 6.59.0 which works great by it self but when I modify the lpm file, every time I power off the device and then plug it to the charger, it start in recovery mode which is incredibly anoying.

Next is my lpm file:


Does anyone knows what can I do to solve this issue or change this behaviour?


I also tried the TWRP and the same thing happens. When powered off and plugged in, the device starts in recovery mode.

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    I've no clue about this issue, although it makes me think about the jig device, which is a little electric circuit used to force the Download mode in a powered off device. Its mechanism is simple: it limits the voltage to a value which is interpreted as the value which triggers the booting in Download mode. I guess that the CWM modified some parameter in such a way that the voltage value in input triggers the Recovery, instead of the OS, but I've zero proof of it.
    – Grimoire
    Apr 8, 2016 at 15:22

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It was simply a problem of line endings. Somewhere along the road I modified the lpm file and the line endings of the file were changed to Windows and they were supposed to be to Unix line endings.

When you edit a file in a text editor make sure to the correct line endings. Next is a picture of how to do it in Sublime Text:

enter image description here

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