After CM13 was installed on my Samsung Galaxy S III, I faced unstable camera and browser and whenever I attempted to turn the cellular network on, I received the following error:

Unfortunately, the process.com.android,phone has stopped

I put the SIM to another cellphone and didn't get the earlier mentioned error. I asked AT&T to provide me a new cellphone and got the same error after I inserted the SIM card onto the device.

What I already did:

  • I did wipe phone, SIM and contact storage cache and data in two different ways,
  • I did delete Phone folder and Sim Toolkit
  • I did dial and type *#*#3646633#*#*,
  • I did disable Automatic Time Zone
  • I did factory reset the phone many times,
  • I did flash it again with following list:

    1. cm-13.0-20160402-NIGHTLY-d2att
    2. twrp-3.0.1-0-d2att.img
    3. modem_CWM_I747UCDMG2
    4. Odin_v3.09

I would greatly appreciate it if you kindly advice me on what I can do to get my cellphone running back again.

My device is Samsung Galaxy S III (AT&T), device model SGH-i747.

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