I want to run a continuous logcat in the background to capture everything happening on my phone.

This needs to be written to disk line by line without delay. I want to capture the cause of random reboots.

  • Open a command line and issue logcat -f /path/where/to/save/the/log. The logcat tool will continue recording everything until you kill the terminal. – Grimoire Apr 12 '16 at 22:17

You need root for this (where I was making mistakes).

So, in a terminal:


logcat V > /sdcard/logcat.txt

then, without killing the command, just press home to keep the terminal running in the background.

  • V means verbose (the highest level of detail)
  • D means debug

and there are other less detailed levels.

Exercise caution when sharing D and V level logs; they contain highly sensitive information.

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Run this command:

adb -e logcat > log_file_name.txt
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