I'm developing an app that downloads files to the device.. some of these files are acting out and to trouble shoot I want to actually transfer these files to my (mac) desktop and go through them.

So this is what I did:

  • i rooted my device
  • i know exactly where my file is:

    $adb shell
    cd /data/user/0/com.app.name.dev/files/34234/

here i get the file name.. let's say it's called file_name.txt

the problem is when i go to my desktop and do something like

adb -s $device_id pull /data/user/0/com.app.name.dev/files/34234/file_name.txt

i get the error message

remote object '/data/user/0/com.app.name.dev/files/34234/file_name.txt' does not exist

when i know it does!

  • I also tried using scp from within the android shell command.. but scp doesn't exist there
  • i tried running adb root and got adbd cannot run as root in production builds

any help?


it turns out that i simply should use the cp command from within my root android shell.. and copy it to /mnt/sdcard.. the rest is obvious after that

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