I have "SSH Server" app installed. I'm able to connect and launch apps using am. I want to forward the apps through X11 forwarding to my linux computer. Is that possible?

There is a "X11 forwarding" configuration in "SSH Server" that I have enabled, although I have no idea what the effect is.

So far, when I connect to the phone I get:

$ ssh -X user@phone
user@phone's password: 
X11 forwarding request failed on channel 0
u0_a107@phone:/ $ 

So it seems I have some extra issue with X11.

Anyone has tried this before?


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What you're trying to do is not possible. Android has its own windowing system, not X11, so X forwarding won't do anything on Android.

There are other screen-sharing systems (such as VNC) which might be more suitable for what you're trying to do. This answer talks about a Samsung-specific app, and this question has a couple of options. The and tags have a lot more information.


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