How do I transfer files with a PC running Linux (Ubuntu) via the mobile hotspot (not through wifi)? (Perhaps with another third-party application)

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    Does the pc have wifi functionality? Then yes, just connect to your Hotspot and transfer with any networking app. I suggest FTP or SMB.
    – jiggunjer
    Commented Apr 23, 2016 at 11:10

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The set up of file transfer between Android device and Linux PC is similar to Windows and can be achieved in a variety of ways.

I created simple tutorial illustrating the simplest way to do it (without need for extra tricky terminal commands in Linux, or installing additional packages)


  • Mobile hotspot
  • Linux PC (running any linux distro eg Ubuntu, Mint, Kali etc but for this tutorial I used Zorin OS) with Wi-Fi functionality
  • Android file explorer capable of FTP/SMB/SFTP protocols (I used ES explorer for this task)


  1. Connect Linux PC to hotpsot.
  2. Open ES File explorer and go to Networks >> Remote Manager (FTP protocol) and turn on service. See screenshot.

Remote manager

  1. Open terminal Ctrl+Alt+T and type ifconfig (just to be sure the PC was assigned a correct IP by the DHCP) The dhcp range is 192.168.43.xxx

Using File manager from Unity Launcher head to Connect to server under Other Locations and input FTP server details and port number (ftp//

Connecting to server

Enter login details or leave as anonymous:


From now you can access files in your android device on Linux PC, and can perform various actions e.g copy,paste etc (some names hidden for other reasons)

File browsing

FTP folder

  • Will this method let me write on the SD card from the PC?
    – a06e
    Commented May 25, 2018 at 8:02
  • @becko Sure it does! the user has rw permissions by default, to prevent unathourised access you may set password authentication Commented May 25, 2018 at 11:38

There are many FTP clients for android in play store, you can use that to create a FTP serever on phone, and access the server from computer,

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