Fresh Android 5.1 phone, just installed Dropbox app from Android Play Store. Started the app, tried to log in for the first time, got a message: "Too many attempts. Please try later"

Dropbox works OK on my other devices, including my previous Android phone.

I did some googling, and it seems that other people did face the same problem recently:

Dropbox Community Forum thread, a comments suggest that retrying after several hours may solve the problem. This workaround didn't help in my case (yet).


It appears that the current version of the app is buggy. Nothing we can do about that.

However, a workaround was posted:

I navigated into the website login > account > security > two-step verification. Added my phone number as my 2nd step of verification (they send a code for new logins) and low and behold I got into the app first try with no problems!

Using an older version of DropBox might also work. I'd suggest 5.2.6, from February before the issue appeared.

  • I enabled 2-step verification (using Google Authenticator instead SMS messages), and it actually fixed the problem. – Attila Csipak Apr 23 '16 at 20:28

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