Fresh Android 5.1 phone, just installed Dropbox app from Android Play Store. Started the app, tried to log in for the first time, got a message: "Too many attempts. Please try later"

Dropbox works OK on my other devices, including my previous Android phone.

I did some googling, and it seems that other people did face the same problem recently:

Dropbox Community Forum thread, a comments suggest that retrying after several hours may solve the problem. This workaround didn't help in my case (yet).

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It appears that the current version of the app is buggy. Nothing we can do about that.

However, a workaround was posted:

I navigated into the website login > account > security > two-step verification. Added my phone number as my 2nd step of verification (they send a code for new logins) and low and behold I got into the app first try with no problems!

Using an older version of DropBox might also work. I'd suggest 5.2.6, from February before the issue appeared.

  • I enabled 2-step verification (using Google Authenticator instead SMS messages), and it actually fixed the problem. Apr 23, 2016 at 20:28

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