The requirement goes like this.

Requirement 1:

  1. Install parent app from Play Store with 2 or 3 feature buttons.
  2. Once clicked, it should download and install corresponding apps from Play Store. (Catch here: it should not go to Play Store and ask to install)

Or requirement 2:

  1. Install parent app from Play Store with single clickable button.
  2. Once clicked, it should cumulatively install 2 or 3 apps from Play Store.

Is it possible?


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Unless you're from Google, you can't, and for good reasons why Google prohibits it.

I assume you want to do this for better user-experience, in which they can conveniently install what they need with their consent. However, let's put aside that idea and think another possibility: a seemingly-safe app can install rogue apps from Play Store automatically without user's consent!

There's a more detailed explanation on an answer by ozbek on Stack Overflow, in which you can only request Play Store to install an app silently if your app is signed by Google.


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