I've searched everywhere, from XDA to Android Enthusiasts and hit a deadend every time. I have a rooted 17.1.2.A.0.314 Kitkat based Xperia Z2. I downgraded the firmware to root it so that I could install a pre-rooted version of the latest Marshmallow ROM via recovery..which doesn't work. I installed XZDualRecovery and later TWRP but when I trigger a reboot to recovery, it doesn't work and the phone restarts normally.

I have tried the button press combos (press volume down during bootup when the light is red, use adb and fastboot,use the NDRUtils app to trigger reboot to recovery..nothing works.

What do I do?

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Try using apps to reboot into Recovery. For example QuickBoot

  • Ended up using Flashfire eventually.
    – Rex
    Jul 20, 2016 at 8:50

Closing question with my own answer, posted in comment above - I used Flashfire and was able to fix it.

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