I am using Samsung Galaxy A5 A500G since last month, but sometimes while using the phone, the display turns slightly green or purple (tinted) in shade. But as soon as I adjust the screen brightness, the display becomes normal.

Is it a problem?


Is it a problem ?

Not if it vanishes by increasing brightness a bit or moving out of shade. It is a problem if you see this with normal day time brightness

Why does it happen?

Samsung AMOLED displays are based on PenTile technology and manufactured by Nouvoyance ( Nouvouyance partners with Samsung and also supplies Pentile displays to other OEMs as well). Instead of the conventional (called Real Stripe) OLED displays pixel pattern of RGB , PenTile uses RGBW, which cuts power consumption to half for the same brightness and hence longer screen life as well

  • This technology has disadvantage of colours looking grainy, more so warmer colours. This effect is visually more pronounced in low brightness


  • Red LEDs consume least power for same brightness followed by Green and Blue, so when the screen is in low brightness red is comparatively brighter and gives a pinkish/ greenish hue. This is considered to be a feature of Nexus 6 and not a bug

Any /combination of these two factors makes the color combination look tinted and variously described as purple, brown or pink. This should be the main reason for your observation (other being a problem with screen or screen digitizer, if it is very pronounced).

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