I use Lenovo Vibe P1 Series Phone. I got it upgraded to Marshmallow and ever since then it reboots each time I locks the screen. It's working perfectly when I'm using it. It was working perfectly when I had Lollipop.

Please help me fix this problem.


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OK....I think I have figured out something. This is definitely not a genuine solution, but still it may help..........From settings go to power manager -> background app management and unrestrict all. This helped me & rebooting has stopped but as I have said, this is not a proper solution. Waiting for Lenovo Team to help us asap.

  • I click unrestricted .even then phone restarts again
    – user164672
    Commented May 8, 2016 at 6:37
  • This worked for me. Than you so much :) Commented Aug 25, 2016 at 9:02

There are quiet a few things to try in the following order.

1) if it was an official update, and your device is under warranty, then get it repaired.

2) try a factory reset via recovery. Search to find the key combination to get into the recovery and Perform a factory Reset.

3) Android Marshmallow has the ability to grant/restrict specific permissions to apps. Make sure that all system apps and Google apps have all the permissions granted.

4) this step is recommended only if you have some knowledge about the working of an Android device. Connect device to a computer and check the logcat to find what went wrong. try to fix the error that caused the issue.

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