So, I have an application I'm trying to use, and on one phone, the buttons are soft-buttons on-screen, and on the other phone, the buttons are hardware buttons.

On the hardware button phone, when I launch the application, I don't see the triple dot to open the menu (The phone has the Box [hardware button] and Back Arrow). On the software phone, there's the triple dot on the screen (Triangle, Circle, Box, Triple Dot).

I think my generic question is enough to answer the question, but here's the rest of the details if you're one not afraid to read the less relevant details:

The application I'm trying to use is: KTSync

The phone with software buttons is: Motorola Moto E

The phone with hardware buttons is: Samsung Note 4

enter image description here    enter image description here

Edit: Firelord suggested this, which works perfectly for devices you can access with ADB, but in my case I'm looking for how to do this without ADB:

adb shell input keyevent 82

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You can long hold the recents button on your device and that will open the menu.

In case you have root access and the above didn't work, you can still do it without using adb. Just open a terminal application and type this:

sleep 10; input keyevent 82

Switch to the other application within 10 seconds, and the menu should appear.

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