Tomorrow is a Bank Holiday in the UK so I don't want my "Work" alarm to go off. I could turn the whole alarm off, but then I'd have to remember to turn it back on again before I go to bed on Monday night. Or I could turn off Monday's occurrence, but again I'd have to remember to reinstate it before next Monday.

So what I'd like to do is just dismiss the next occurrence of the alarm. A Google search came up with this help page - https://support.google.com/nexus/answer/2840926?hl=en-GB :

Dismiss next alarm

If you have an alarm that's set to repeat, you can dismiss the next instance of the alarm. That way your alarm will still be turned on for future instances.

Which describes exactly what I want to do. It goes on to list the procedure as:

  1. Open the Clock app. Clock
  2. At the top, touch the alarm clock iconalarm.
  3. Under the alarm you want to dismiss, touch "Dismiss Now" dismiss alarm.

However, I'm not seeing the "Dismiss Now" option.

Where is it or what am I doing wrong?


As far as I know, you can't, and I'm afraid there's a misunderstanding/mistake by Google.

I checked the help support in English (US), and for the same topic, it instead mentions,

Dismiss next alarm

If you have an alarm scheduled to go off within the next two hours, you can dismiss the next instance of your alarm. If your alarm is set to repeat, your alarm will still be turned on for future instances.

(Emphasis mine)

It only means that you can dismiss it if it goes off in 2 hours (like for other alarms), but for repeating alarm, Android will set the next alarm automatically.

I have posted this issue on Google Product Forum. Hopefully they will correct it.

  • I tried to add a reply there, but got an error. Is there a procedure for making feature requests at all? – ChrisF May 3 '16 at 14:38
  • @ChrisF not sure why you can't reply, you have to be logged-in with Google account though. As for feature request, I'm not sure either if they accept it, but that forum is for Google apps and Nexus in general. For stock Android OS (AOSP), you should post it on Android Issue Tracker though. – Andrew T. May 3 '16 at 14:43
  • My Samsung S7 (running 6.0.1) doesn't seem to have the "Dismiss Now" option. Do you know if there's a way to do this with Marshmallow? – TripeHound Jul 31 '17 at 13:32
  • @TripeHound this question is actually talking about Nexus stock clock app, which is Google's Clock. As for other stock clock app (e.g. on Samsung, etc), I'm afraid I can't help because the vendor may customize and provide their own clock app... – Andrew T. Jul 31 '17 at 13:36
  • Thanks. It looks like Samsung have (they seem to do this a lot). – TripeHound Jul 31 '17 at 13:46

Add a do not disturb rule for the duration. Not a complete solution, but that's what I do.

  • 3
    That's a good workaround. Your answer could be improved if you add instructions for how to do that. Maybe the questioner has never used the do-not-disturb feature. – Dan Hulme Nov 15 '17 at 9:44
  • 2
    The problem with Do Not Disturb is that it silences phone calls as well as alarms. Definitely not a solution for me – ChrisF Aug 11 '18 at 13:04

I have just discovered this alarm clock app:


One of it's features is the integration with Google Calendar:


The two relevant features are:

  • your alarms can be automatically disabled for public holidays
  • your alarms can take your calendar events into account

This will do what I'm looking for, though I'm not sure I want my holidays on my Google calendar for all and sundry to see.


Check my app on Android playstore - Alarm + Task Logger PRO

It has skip next next functionality for recurring alarms. You can skip any number of upcoming occurences.

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