I have a tablet not two years old, a few days ago it was left in a hot truck for about two days. Now it won't go past "fast boot menu".

I have tried everything, I even tried charging it and the battery keeps saying 0%, how can I charge my tablet and turn it on?


There's a fairly good chance you overheated a component in the device. Most likely a charging component or someone. There isn't much you can do besides going to a phone/tablet repair shop. But that could cost more than the tablet itself.

  • Heat is the worst enemy of batteries and your battery being two years old would have suffered damage by "baking" it in the truck for two days

  • Batteries tend to self discharge , higher the temperature, more the discharge

  • As a result, the battery voltage could have fallen to a very low level, wherein a protection circuit kicks in and prevents further charging. There are ways to overcome this but it is best left to qualified technicians to handle it

That said, all I can suggest is take it to a service center. Don't attempt to charge

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