I have a nexus 6 which failed when updating to 6.0.1. I can no longer boot into the Operating System as the /system partition is corrupt. I ran a factory reset - but this didn't fix the problem because factory reset only clears out the /cache and /data partitions.

Since I am able to get into the bootloader and android recovery I was wondering if it is possible to reinstall the OS via ADB. I've searched around it it looks like ADB can only be used for installing updates/programs while fastboot can flash the /system partition with a factory image. I'm unable to use fastboot because the phone is not rooted. So, is there any way to restore the factory image of the OS via ADB on a non-rooted phone?

  • You don't have to bother about having phone being rooted since you would have all the rights necessary to flash a partition when booted into fastboot (bootloader) mode. Now, download the appropriate factory image from here, boot into fastboot mode and begin flashing the various files. I'm wondering whether you had OEM unlock setting enabled or not? That may pose a problem. BTW, what actually failed during OTA update to 6.0.1 (not 6.1.1)? – Firelord May 7 '16 at 22:41
  • Unfortunately I can't use fastboot (or the flash-all script) to flash the files because the phone doesn't have OEM unlock enabled. Running adb sideload image-shamu-mob30i.zip doesn't work, saying that the footer is wrong and signature verification failed (even though the MD5 checksum checks out). – cscan May 8 '16 at 2:09

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