I am using latest android on my phone. One issue I face is that I have a lot of apps installed. Many of them generate notifications which I dont want to loose. If I leave notifications unattended for a day or two, a lot of notifications get stacked up (almost 100+). I dont want to turn off those notifications. I just want better way to handle those notifications:

  • is there any way (or app) to archive notifications
  • is there any way to group notification belonging to same app (so that I may decide to archive or delete all of them)
  • is there any way (or app) which allows me to archive or delete all notifications at specific dates or dates older than the specified one
  • For many months my phone has issue of restarting and with each restart the notifications get cleared. So I also want to know if there is any way (or app) that can periodically backup/archive notifications so even if my phones restarts I can always pull them up.

Multiple items of interest in this context:

Still, I'm not sure there's a way to control aspects 2 and 3 of your list (group apps,1 delete by date). I've not yet encountered any app for those, so chances are rather low – but one might have slipped through my net.

1: Nevolution promises to "bundle notifications" – but it's not clear from its description if "bundles" cover multiple apps

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