I've got a pretty severe bug that results in my phone soft rebooting every time I try to make a phone call or a phone call would be coming in on the main number.

What I did to try to fix (no luck):

  1. Downloaded latest snapshot: https://download.cyanogenmod.org/get/jenkins/158646/cm-13.0-20160418-SNAPSHOT-ZNH0EAO2NL-shamu.zip
  2. Downloaded latest gapps for 6.0: http://opengapps.org/ (ARM 6.0 Stock package)
  3. Wiped /system, /data, dalvik cache & /cache
  4. Installed #1 and #2
  5. Wiped /internal storage
  6. Updating radio/bootloader to latest available

What's going on? This just started manifesting after I did a cm13Nighty (4-11-2016) > cm13Snapshot (4-18-2016) upgrade. I would've thought the reset would fix it at least?

Other things I've tried with no luck:

  1. Disabling/enabling WiFi Calling
  2. Booting into Safe Mode
  3. Deleting com.android.providers.x folders in /data/data & wiped Dalvik/cache again (This fixed WiFi calling consequently - dysfunctional again after soft-crash - interesting...)

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The issue is the current build of gapps - quick workaround is to manually set the Phone/Dialer app as the default Phone App in Settings -> Apps -> enter image description here -> Default Apps -> Phone App.

Source: https://forum.cyanogenmod.org/topic/124381-dialer-crashes/?do=findComment&comment=590388

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