Ok so I rooted my phone useing King root downloaded twrp, busy box pro. Anyway I went to reboot in bootloader and i got a downloading screen. How long should this take. Anyway I'm a noob to rooted phones so not positive what I did. I can send a pic of the screen if needed.

  • Please do post that pic, as well as your exact model number and Android version. That particular Samsung model AFAIK doesn't actually have any use for the bootloader for flashing partition images from a PC. Try keeping the power button pressed until your phone reboots to Android normally. The Downloading thing is the Samsung Download Mode for flashing firmware from a PC using ODIN, it doesn't download anything from the internet. – Tamoghna Chowdhury May 16 '16 at 11:47

That Downloading screen you got is representative of having entered Samsung's special Download Mode for flashing device firmware from a PC over ODIN. Over there, Downloading means downloading from the PC, not from the internet. In case you want to get back to normal Android, keep holding down the Power button until the device reboots. For flashing TWRP, you can try using this app called Flashify. For using it, refer to my other answer here.

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