After upgrading to Android 6 on an unrooted OnePlus One, some apps (eg. Aqua Mail, aCalendar) have their input fields nearly white text on white background.

How can I change the color?


I have an un-rooted android oneplus one and I recently upgraded to 6.0.1 I did not see any such problem in my phone. You can try following and see if it works:

  1. Try restarting the phone
  2. Try selecting a dark theme
  3. Make sure that your Cyanogen OS version is updated too (mine is 13.0)

Let me know if it works :)


Changing to another theme in settings -> themes did the trick

  • Please expand this answer by including some more details, like what steps do we need to change the theme, or whether it's on a single app, or whole system, etc. – Andrew T. May 20 '16 at 9:19

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