I really like that my status bar and navigation bar have the same colour with a running software without rooting, because I don't like black navigation bar, is there any way? If it's impossible without rooting, how about through accessibility service? My smartphone: Huawei Ascend G7- L11 Please reply Yours truly

  • As far as I can remember, there's an app that can change status bar color without root (from Settings->Accessibility permission), but I don't think you can change nav bar's color without rooting.
    – Gokul NC
    May 19 '16 at 13:30
  • Tanks for your answer, what is its name
    – Jacob
    May 19 '16 at 14:03

You can use this app to set the color of status bar through Accessibility Service :

Color Status Bar

(Note: This app runs in background to enable the color.
And, this app will work only on devices running Android 5 or above..)

But to change the color of navigation bar, you need root access.

If your device is rooted, do the following to change navbar color:

  1. Install Xposed Framework and Xposed Installer app.
  2. Install "GravityBox" module (varies for different Android versions) and reboot.
  3. Open GravityBox app, goto Navigation Bar Tweaks
  4. Under Colors section, Enable Navbar Colors and set your desired color.
  • Thanks a lot but my android version is 4.4.4 Kitkat, is there any ship like that or ifs there any other way
    – Jacob
    May 21 '16 at 18:04
  • Oh, is your phone rooted? Only then it's possible
    – Gokul NC
    May 22 '16 at 13:06

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